ANNOUNCEMENT: Vacancy for Project-based Consular Affairs Assistant

ANNOUNCEMENT: Vacancy for Project-based Consular Affairs Assistant

วันที่นำเข้าข้อมูล 5 Sep 2022

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Royal Thai Embassy in Lima

No. 4/2565

 Vacancy for Project-based Consular Affairs Assistant



            The Royal Thai Embassy in Lima invites applications for one (1) Project-based Consular Affairs Assistant.


Submission of Application Date: 5 – 16 September 2022


Job Description

  • Assess applications for Thai visas in accordance with related Thai policy and regulations;
  • Prepare reports, case-notes, interview notes, correspondence and other materials in relation to visa matters;
  • Collect and compile visa statistics and information on a monthly basis;
  • Liaise with local authorities, government agencies, companies and banks in relation to consular and visas issues;
  • Deal with queries from a range of clients and stakeholders, especially visa applicants by phone email and in person;
  • Provide translation and interpretation of English/Spanish languages as required; and
  • Other related tasks as assigned by Embassy’s officers



  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university in any field or
  • Diploma/Associate’s Degree in related field with the minimum of 3 years related professional experiences
  • Excellent command of English and Spanish languages in all skills; and
  • Relevant work experience will be advantageous.



  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office programs and other IT systems;
  • Experience in coordinating with Peruvian and relevant government agencies, local authorities, Embassies, companies and banks;
  • Knowledge in local immigration policies and processes
  • Ability to work under pressure with a positive and constructive attitude;
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team; and
  • Ability to work in a client-service environment with excellent communication skills
    and possess a strong understanding (and experiences) of consular services.


Required Documents

  • Letter of Intent (in English and half-page only) outlining reasons why applicant is suitable for the position;
  • Curriculum vitae (in English), with passport-size photo;
  • Additional supporting documents to the above-mentioned requirements (e.g., diploma, degree, transcript, certificate, language test score (optional), letter of recommendation (optional) etc.) for the Embassy’s consideration; and
  • A copy of DNI or ID Card

How to Apply

  • Those who are interested in the position should submit their application by e-mail with subject “Application for the Project-Based Consular Affairs Assistant Position” to [email protected] by Friday 16 September 2022. Please note that late applications will not be accepted for consideration.

Related Timeline

Application submission period:

5 – 16 September 2022

Announcement of eligible candidates:

20 September 2022

Exam and first interview:

27 September 2022

Second interview:

29 September 2022

Final result announcement:

30 September 2022


Related Information about the Position

Duration of appointment: 3 October 2022 - 29 September 2023

Basic monthly salary: 950.- US Dollars

Condition: As the position is project-based and temporary, successful candidate must be responsible for employment related expenses as imposed by local authorities such as income taxes, social security, health insurance and pension him/herself. The Embassy will not be responsible for any of the such payments.



                                                                                          Royal Thai Embassy,


                                                                                  5 September B.E. 2565 (2022)