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Taming the Black Swan: Multilateral diplomacy for sustainable growth in the era of disruption
The year 2020 was truly a disruptive time in world history. The fast-spreading Covid-19 pandemic managed to halt even the wave of globalisation and compelled governments to go into lockdown. Businesses were forced to close, in some cases leading to furloughs or unemployment, and further widening the existing social inequalities. Everyone came to the realisation that business would never again be the same, and began to accept the concept of a “new normal.”
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29 Mar 2021

Entry measures for international travelers to Thailand (Updated on 29 April 2021)

18 Jan 2021

Additional Measures for Travelers into Thailand: "ThailandPlus" Application

1 Dec 2020

His Excellency Ambassador Chasombat paid a courtesy visit to His Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Austria

10 Dec 2019

5th Global Rubber, Latex and Tyre Expo 2020

15 Feb 2019

Announcement on SMART Visa and visa application fees
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