Visa Types and Purpose of Visit

Visa Types and Purpose of Visit

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Visa Types


Purpose of Visit

Diplomatic Visa


 to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for diplomatic purposes.

Official Visa


 to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for official purposes.

Transit Visa


 to transit to another country or to re-enter his/her own country


 to participate in sports activities


 the person in charge or crew of a conveyance coming to a port

Tourist Visa


to enter for tourism purposes


 to enter for a medical treatment at hospitals / medical facilities 

Non-Immigrant Visa

NON – B 

 to work (Working)

NON – B 

 to conduct business by invitation (Business)

NON – B 

 to work as a teacher (Teaching)


 to conduct business as Investor through Board of Investment (BOI)  


 to study


 to do an internship

 NON – F 

 to perform official duties in Thailand

 NON – M 

 to work as a film-producer

 NON – M 

 to work as journalist or reporter

 NON – O 

 to perform duty or mission in the family of an alien. 

NON – O 

 to stay with family in Thailand 

 NON – O 

 a person who used to have Thai nationality to visit Thai relatives

 NON – O 

 to perform volunteering duties

 NON – O 

 to receive medical treatment for more than 60 days

 NON – O 

 to be a sport trainer as required by the Thai Government 

 NON – O 

 to be a contestant or a witness for the judicial process

 NON – O 

 to stay in Thailand after retirement (at least 50 years of age) 

NON – O -A

 Long Stay retirement (up to 1 year) (for at least 50 years of age) 

 NON – RS 

 to conduct scientific research / training / teaching in a research institute 

 NON – R 

 to perform religious / missionary works (single entry) 


 to perform religious / missionary works (Multiple entry) 

Special Entry


 Thailand Privilege Card (Elite Card) holder. 

Privilege Entry 


 Thailand Privilege Card (Elite Card) holder. 



 to enter as high skilled professionals


 to enter as Investors in technology-based business 


 to enter as Senior executives in technology-based companies


 to enter as Technology-based startup entrepreneurs


 to enter as legal dependents of Smart Visa holders



1. Visa processing fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.

2. In case of bank transfer, visa processing fees do not include service commissions that the banks may charge the applicants or the Embassy. Therefore, applicants might be requested to pay for those service commissions on top of the visa processing fees.

3. In case of visa application by post, the Embassy bears no responsibility in case of loss of passports due to postal/courier services. There is either no guarantee whether a visa will be granted or whether the visas granted will be utilized. In any cases, consequently, no compensation can be claimed or granted from the Embassy.

4. Visas granted must be utilized within the period of validity of such visa. The length of stay and requests for extension in Thailand will be determined by the Immigration Bureau.

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