Processing Time

Processing Time

6 Jun 2021


1. Apply in-person

Applications are usually processed within 3 working days after the date of submission provided that all the required documents are completed. Same day service is not permitted.

2. Apply by post

Postal applications are usually processed up to approximately 5 working days provided that all the required documents are completed. Kindly note that this does not include the mailing time.

Applicants who apply by postal/courier service should take into account that their passport will not be in their hands for more than a couple weeks during the time of visa application, depending on the time taken for mailing. Therefore, they are highly suggested to plan ahead in case they will need their passport for other businesses/activities.

Applicants are in charge of coordinating with postal/courier service agents for their passport delivery/pick-up. Therefore, the Embassy is not responsible for lost, damaged, delayed or misdirected mail that might occur during the mailing process.

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